Cellphones are giving me a migraine…

I am a current customer of AT&T, having been thrilled with my grandfathered “unlimited” data plan.  Don’t be jealous, however, it seems that AT&T is beginning to throttle customers with unlimited plans in an effort to force them into their tiered plans.  Since my contract is completely up with them, I have been weighing my options with other carriers.  At this point, I am ready to hang myself over all the fine print.

With AT&T I get rollover minutes, plus they have a mobile-to-ANY-mobile plan (rather than just the same carrier mobile phones), which I find very attractive.  What I do not like is that I will have to leave the unlimited plan I was in and go to a tiered plan, because right now AT&T throttles whoever they damn well want, even if they use data topping out well below even their first tier plan.  Say you have unlimited data and your friend is at the 2 Gigs tier – both cost $30/mo.  AT&T could throttle you when you hit 1.5 Gigs.  And when they throttle, you are only able to text or use the phone – anything else because so slow it’s useless.  And not just for a little while, it’s for the REST OF YOUR BILLING MONTH.  A nice bit of news is that someone recently won a case against AT&T.  The bad news is that individual people will have to take their cases to small claims court, because a class action suit is not allowed.

Friends on Verizon have been very pleased with their service, and they do have the only phone I would consider selling my right kidney for – the Razr Maxx.  It has an impossibly long battery life, which is something most other phones have complaints about, and is something I HAVE to take into consideration when upgrading.  I cannot afford to have my phone die 3 hours into my day, nor am I interested in buying $100 worth of extra chargers to keep in my office, warehouse, car and wherever else I might need to plug in.  However, Verizon does NOT do rollover minutes, which means I will have to be extremely careful of my usage unless I go straight to an unlimited plan.  They also do not have free mobile-to-ANY-mobile minutes, it’s only to other Verizon customers, and as a mother/step-mother to two young ladies, I have to keep a handle on that as well.

SO.  Can anyone offer up any suggestions here?  How are YOUR phone plans?  What’s YOUR usage like?  I am all ears.



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