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Doctor Who, Metal Style

Currently recovering from my annual “back decides it hates me and goes into complete spasm”, and will return with more reviews and other tasty morsels of interest.  For now, however, if anyone wondered what happened to Geek Metal, it’s all residing in this guy (the Green Lantern tattoo really kind of seals it).  \m/  \m/





(Bear was tranq’d, he landed safely.)

Bento break!

Time for a few more bento pictures!  I’ve been so incredibly busy with projects and research that I realized I hadn’t updated in a week – bad me!  What better way to start the day than a little bento break!


Quite a while ago I stumbled upon a YouTube video starring this 90+ year old lady named Clara making a dish called the Poorman’s Meal.  It may sound boring, but I absolutely fell in love with her and her storytelling.  Much like TV chefs, she will spend time telling you what goes in the recipe, but will also throw in anecdotes and memories she had from the Great Depression.  After watching the Poorman’s Meal video, I proceeded to make it myself, and was really surprised by how tasty it was (I did modify the recipe a little… less oil, and it looks like she uses vegetable oil where I used olive, things like that).

So I went on to watch the rest of her videos.  What a treat!  There’s plenty of easy recipes, and if they aren’t quite appealing, just substitute with a different ingredient and chances are you’ll have something great to eat.  Clara is such a doll, and it’s wonderful to know that she’s been making these videos for 5 years and she’s still going strong!

Here’s the first video I watched (but check out her YouTube channel, which has everything!):

For all the bodyworkers out there…

Product Review: The Samsung Galaxy Note

(This review would be best for people who have iPhones and are considering switching to Androids.)

Though I know many people who jump from cell phone to cell phone, I am a creature of habit.  I had my iPhone 3G for well over three years, and it was an older model when I got it.  It was easy to use, being an Apple product and all.  But over time the operating system began a slow descent into it’s own personal hell.  The phone could not hold a charge long (which meant I had to plug it in at any chance I could), and applications were often frustrating to use.  Facebook, for instance, was aggravating…  opening, going to the status update, and getting it to actually update a short status (not even uploading pics or tagging people) could take up to six minutes.

So I started researching new phones, bided my time, and as luck would have it, generous individuals wishing me happy birthday allowed me to take a leap.  I went with the Samsung Galaxy Note.

The phone is outrageous, to put it mildly.  This is not so much a phone, but a “phablet” (phone/tablet).  The screen in huge at 5.3″ and while it fits ok in my hand, I am sure it may feel very bulky to more petite people.  The AT&T salesguy gave me a brief overview, but to be honest, my source for information has become the wonderful folks at  So far they’ve been able to answer all my questions except one, and they are very patient with this old lady getting to learn all the new tricks.  Here’s a breakdown of all the pros and cons I’ve found so far:


  • Battery life = awesome.  I do not feel required to be tethered to my charger now!
  • Screen resolution is amazing – 1280×800.  HD graphics and videos are gorgeous!
  • Applications I wanted to add that I had on the iPhone are almost all available for Android
  • Facebook loads and updates in seconds – halleleujah!
  • Comes with a stylus!
  • Built-in camera is light years ahead of the one on my old iPhone (8MP in the back with an LED flash, 2MP in the front), and the Instagram app goes even further
  • Yay, Kindle reader!
  • The customization is mind-boggling!  I wanted to show you some of the incredible wallpapers and home screens some people have created.  I’ve implemented a couple of the customizations myself, but there are some I am still learning how to do because they are so complex – click any of the pics for a larger view.

A really pretty example

This includes a Live Wallpaper - what you can't see is that the circles all rotate in opposite directions.

Very simple screen, easy to read and each element is tweakable - colors, font style, size, direction...

Some more amazing customization!


  • The customization is mind-boggling!  Yep, this is both a pro and a con.  With my iPhone, I set one notification tone for when I received a new email.  With the Note, I was getting this annoying bicycle bell sound (called Postman), and it was rather loud and obnoxious so I wanted to turn it off, or at least change the tone to something less irritating.  I went where I assumed the setting would be…  Settings => Sound => Notification ringtone…  but that wasn’t it.  That was for text messages.  Try as I might I was unable to find it myself, so I searched online…  for 20 minutes… before I realized that Android is SO customizable, that I needed to go into my email where all my inboxes are (I have 5 different emails coming to me), open one of my emails, then hit the menu key, the More button, then Account Settings to get the Select Ringtone!  Each email can be assigned it’s OWN notification tone, which never even occurred to me.
  • Several of the jeans I own do not have pockets that can completely hold this phone.  Not sure if this is a con, as it means I get to go shopping for more clothes.
  • The iPhone really was fairly intuitive, so the Android having SO many bells and whistles feel somewhat overwhelming sometimes, but I’m determined to learn everything I can and make the most of it.
  • The Note supports Visual Voicemail, but until the new Ice Cream Sandwich OS is released (later this month), I don’t actually have the ability to use VVM without downloading a third party app.  Don’t want to do that, as I might lose previously saved messages and my recorded VM message, so for now I am kicking it oldschool (calling in, listening, and pressing #7 to delete :P)
  • There is no Bejeweled Blitz app by PopCap for the Android yet.  This vexes me.

Overall I am more than impressed with this phone!  I’m looking forward to the new OS release, and in the meantime I am haunting the forums to soak up all the knowledge I can!


For gamers…

This is great! Not only did they capture the sound of Skyrim with one vocalist and a single instrument, they filmed shots very similar to camera movements in the game, plus some fun special effects.


In the past couple of weeks I’ve cut down quite a bit on my soda intake (even diet and “zero” versions) and tried increasing my water intake.  This picture helps remind me why I should!

I miss Death Guy

Read all the greatest hits here.


How to buy a massage table

Pictured: Oakworks Wellspring package

Purchasing a massage table can be a very daunting experience for people, regardless if they are professional therapists looking to replace one or non-professionals who want something to work on their friends and family.  There are SO many brands, models and options out there, it’s easy to feel confused and overwhelmed.

As a distributor as well as a trained massage therapist, I feel it’s my duty to help people find the table they will love – that fits their practice AND budget.  I am more than happy to answer questions, and if I don’t know the answers, I’m even happier to research the answers for them.  There is nothing like getting that call from someone I helped telling me how much they absolutely LOVE their table package!

If you’re in the market for a massage table, there are several questions you’ll want to ask yourself before making your final decision.

Am I an in-home user or a professional user?

There are many tables on the market, but often they are built for different usage.  Are you planning on having 2 or 3 people a week get on and off your table?  Then a low-cost, in-home table will work well for you.  Are you planning on working on 20-30 people a week?  Then a professional table is highly recommended.

One thing to remember: it’s best to avoid the super-cheap massage tables from warehouse stores.  Time and time again I would hear of massage students who have limited budgets opting for these only to realize their mistake within months.  Most of those tables are made overseas, so there is no company in the US to handle problems, and the quality tends to be very low so not only will the table feel wobbly (or will after a short amount of time), but it may also end up squeaking.  The LAST thing you want if for your clients, whether they are paying for a professional massage or it’s your significant other, to feel unsafe, uncomfortable or irritated no matter what kind of deal you got.

If you decide you are an in-home user looking for a good quality table and a lower price, there are several available.  Many people find the Oakworks One and the Inner Strength Element packages good table packages to consider.  Both companies have corporate offices in the US and their products are backed by warranties.

Pictured: Pisces New Wave II Lite

Will I be traveling to clients or staying in one place most of the time?

The next question to ask yourself is how often you believe you will be moving your table.  Will you be packing it up after each client and going to the next one or will it be positioned in a massage room and moved infrequently?  The weight of a portable massage table can greatly affect a therapist, and hauling it from one place to another can take its toll.  For mobile therapists, it’s best to consider lightweight tables, such at the Oakworks Wellspring, Earthlite Spirit LT or even the super-light Pisces New Wave II Lite.  Lightweight tables are often a little more expensive than other tables, because the engineering that goes into them is a testament to the materials that maintain strength and durability.

For a more stationary table, therapists have a broader range to choose from.  Table options also come into play more.

How do I choose what options are best for me?

Many tables start with the table itself and allow you to add packages or individual upgrades to truly customize it to your liking.  Here are some of the main options you will be considering…

Pictured: Oakworks QuickLock headrest (front) and standard headrest (back)

HEADREST:  Most companies offer standard headrests and adjustable headrests, often with cushion upgrade options.  I find that our customers overwhelmingly prefer adjustable headrests for the simple fact that tilting the headrests down slightly makes it much easier to access the back of the head, the neck and the shoulders.  Cushion upgrades are usually a memory foam (similar to the popular memory mattresses), and Oakworks offers a very comfortable Boiance upgrade (I purchased it with my massage chair and I love it!).

PADDING: The padding options on tables can range from firm to extra plush.  Will you be working on athletes?  Then lean towards more firm padding, so your clients do not sink in when you are working on them.  Are you inclined to give more luxurious, relaxing massages?  Then consider upgrading to more plush padding – there is nothing like the pampering feeling of settling into a plushly padded table.  Not sure where your career is headed just yet?  Then compromise with a padding somewhere in the middle.

TABLE WIDTH: Most standard tables are 29″-31″, though there are a few that are much more narrow or much wider.  I have had customers agonize over the choice of 29″ or 31″, so what I tell them to consider is their own height.  If the therapist is more petite, and especially if they plan to take the table to clients, it’s best to go with a more narrow table.  However, if the therapist is taller, or if the table will likely remain stationary, clients will usually feel more comfortable on the 31″.

UPHOLSTERY COLOR:  This is also where I see many customer get stuck.  Some want their table to match the room decor, some want one they will believe to be less likely to show stains, and others just want the color they are most drawn to.  The good news is that a lot of times it never matters what color the table is, because it will be covered by sheets and a face rest cover by the time your clients see it!  I always tell people to get whatever color they like most.

Pictured: some of the many bolsters on the market

BOLSTERS:  One optional accessory I ALWAYS recommend is a bolster.  Bolsters are most often used under the knees when the client is laying on their back, or under the ankles when the client is laying on their stomach and they really make a huge difference.  Most bolsters have a semi-firm padding inside that offers support and comfort but will not lose shape over time.  If nothing else, a 6″ round bolster is perfect to start with.

How quickly can I have my new table in my hands?

Tables are often made to order, and crafting them takes time.  Some customers believe that even the biggest manufacturers MUST have a warehouse that has tables ready to ship immediately, but most of the time that simply isn’t possible.  Having just gone over the options above, there could be 3 styles of headrests, 5 different paddings, 3 different widths, and 25 upholstery colors – 3x5x3x25 = 1,125 tables!  And that’s just ONE table… manufacturers can offer 5-10 different models.  Typically, tables from Oakworks or Earthlite can be built and shipped within 1-2 weeks, depending on their production schedule.  Don’t worry, the wait it worth it!

Why do massage tables cost so much?

Sometimes even professional therapists can be surprised by the final cost once they decide on options and upgrades.  But keep in mind that by performing only 5 massages a week for a year, purchasing a $390.00 table will cost you only $1.50 per massage.  A hair stylist doesn’t use cheap scissors to cut hair, and a chef doesn’t use cheap knives to prepare dishes.  This will be your tool, so don’t be afraid to get exactly what you need.  A high quality table is often very easy to maintain and can last a LIFETIME.

I hope this has been informative and helpful!  As always, please let me know if you have any questions!  ENJOY!

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