SpiritHoods. Cute, but OMG!

One of my favorite sites to surf is HelloGiggles, and ocassionally they highlight a funky item they’ve come across.  Right now it’s the SpiritHood, which is a cute little animal hat/scarf combo.  My first thought was “that’s so silly, I could totally rock that!” and began to look through their various styles.  I mean, who could resist this:…?

Seriously, how cute, right?

So I thought, if it’s priced at $50 or under, I’d give it serious consideration just for the unique factor.  So I clicked on one and saw that they are asking…


But hey, you get FREE SHIPPING (for orders over $150!)

So, if anyone has absolutely nothing better to do with their money, please feel free to get me a Grey Wolf version.

Posted on May 3, 2012, in Animals, Pets and Wild, Styles I love and tagged , , . Bookmark the permalink. 8 Comments.

  1. How long do you think it’ll be before PETA starts flour bombing people wearing these?

  2. Well, these are faux fur, so PETA shouldn’t have an issue. Bet you anything some upscale place will make them with real fur though.

    • Even with faux it LOOKS like an animal so I can totally see them taking offense. And yes to upscale places making them with real fur. They are pretty darn cute though. Wonder if I could rock one?

  3. Of course you could rock one! I think the polar bear one would look great on you.

  4. Hey guys! My names tori. Im 14 and i have the snow leopard hood. Its in pretty good condition. Fairly new. If anyone wants to trade me for it– e-mail me at dropitnow959@gmail.com
    Id really like the grey wolf (ironically) or the moon wolf or if u have something else ill consider it 🙂

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