Movie Review: Prometheus

I am an enormous fan of Aliens.  I was 12 years old when it was released, and it was just about the time I was seriously starting to notice not just boys, but older guys.  With muscles.  And uniforms.  And very large guns.  Thus my infatuation with Michael Biehn was born (*tweengirlsigh*).

But aside from that it was also a movie that struck my Girl Power nerve, because Sigourney Weaver is not only incredibly strong-willed, but can kick ass as well if not better than a whole squad of uber-Marines.  Throw in an adorable little girl with a neat accent who is also pretty good at taking care of herself, and the movie was awesome as hell.

So I was kind of intrigued when Ridley Scott’s Prometheus was hitting the theaters.  The precursor to Alien, it was supposed to give insight into “what happened.”

Starts out with a group of people poking around a remote region on Earth and discovering cave paintings that they say show a map to another system in space where something cool must be waiting for us.  Ok groovy.

Then we’re on the Prometheus, and the obligatory robot is hacking around, reading things, watching movies, checking on the stasis pods, blah blah blah when they finally arrive at their destination.  Then there’s a scene – very much a throwback to the scene in Aliens where the grunts are all sitting around getting the mission briefing – where Charlize Theron introduces the head of the company as a recording, who pretty much just says “by the time you see this I’ll be dead, so here’s the scientists to explain why you’ve been asleep in space for 2 years.”  From that scene alone I already picked up a future twist.

They fly into the new planet’s atmosphere, almost immediately find a funky, non-natural structure, and set down to go check things out.

From here, it gets even more boring and predictable.  They find interesting things, a storm rolls in and a couple of stragglers get stuck back at the structure while the rest are back at Prometheus being all excited about their finds.  VERY predictable bad things happen to the stragglers, VERY predictable bad things happen to the excited scientists on the ship, VERY predictable twists happen along the way.  But I cared very little about anyone who was killed, because very little time was spent developing the characters beyond the surface.  The plot dragged on at a rather boring pace, which also lent to me not caring much about the characters.  I was less than impressed by the origin of the aliens as well.  *Yawn*

The movie is not a complete disaster, however.  I thought Noomi Rapace was great – she played a very believable scientist who has a strong sense of religious faith and a survival instinct to rival Weaver’s Ripley.  The sweeping landscapes that scream “THIS IS A RIDLEY SCOTT FILM!” do not disappoint, although I would have sacrificed a little of the real-life sets to add a touch more awe-factor that some CGI could have added.

If you’re a fan of the Alien series and want to be a completist about it, check it out on disc, but if you’re looking for something on par with Alien or Aliens (or heck, even Alien: Resurrection), you will walk away rather let down.

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