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When your brain refuses to work…

I’m so sorry that I have been absent for so long.  Apparently my creative juices just decided to come to a complete stop, an I lost momentum.  Several times I would see something, or read something and think “hey, I could post that on…nahhhh, nevermind.”  I absolutely hate when that happens, but until something jumpstarts my mojo again, I guess I just have to slog through it.

So a few weeks back I tried to slip on one of my favorite pair of jeans, and *surprise surprise* I felt like I was trying to stuff sausage back into the casing.  Like so many other people today, I have struggled with my weight for many years.  Sometimes I’m up high, sometimes I am mid-ranged, but I haven’t been a decent weight for my height and bone structure since high school.  Creeping depressingly up near my high point again, I decided enough was enough and I got the jumpstart I needed.

After researching, reading, and speaking to several people, I decided to not only re-join Weight Watchers but also include jogging into my regimen.  Weight Watchers has worked very well for me in the past, but something typically derails me, I get upset and depressed, and suddenly I’m off the program.  Workouts usually go through the same cycle, only much faster…  I get excited about exercising, I do it for about 2-3 weeks, then I throw my back out (my notorious weak spot).  And not just throw it out for a day or two, I am talking more than a week that ends when I finally get tired of crying in pain and go to the hospital for a shot and some percocets just to stop the pain cycle.  By the time I feel ok enough to start exercising again, I’ve lost the excitement and momentum, and that’s the end of that.

This time, however, has been wonderfully different.  After acquiring a good pair of running sneakers, I have been jogging at least every other day.  Well, to be perfectly honest, it’s more like a walk with a lot of jogging stuck in there.  I can’t do much distance, but I do go for longer stints each time I go.

At this point, I am considering introducing some workouts that are part of interval training – 50 seconds of workout, 10 seconds of rest, 3 or four different moves.  I’m a little nervous about it, considering my back issues, so I definitely need to take it slow.  Finger’s crossed though, I am looking forward to being healthier!

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