Product Review: Omega Paw Self-Cleaning Litter Box

Yes, I am reviewing a litter box!  I feel silly reviewing a litter box, but this one actually deserves it!

Top to bottom:  Loki, Asia and Meep.  I fear they are plotting my demise.

Top to bottom: Loki, Asia and Meep. I fear they are plotting my demise.

I am a cat person.  I adore my cats and I get the impression they tolerate me just fine.  We pamper them with good food and fun places to sit.  Notice the “Taj Meh-Hall” (“meh” is the sound Loki makes) – we built that for them, and they seem to enjoy being up high away from the dog.

We recently brought Meep into our little family.  She was a feral kitten that roamed near our place, and when we noticed that the cats were starving, we decided to trap them and bring them to the shelter in hopes of rehabilitating them and giving them a shot at a home.  Of the five we trapped, Meep was the only one adoptable, and we decided we would be the ones to bring her home.

She stayed in my daughter’s room with a small litter box, food and water, but she soon grew adventurous and it seemed silly to keep her trapped in the one room.  The problem was that the dog was discovering the joy of what’s left in litter boxes, so we couldn’t just leave the door open, and the other two cats use a box in the basement.  Since we have so many things in the basement that Meep could potentially get trapped in (that the older cats are completely indifferent to), I didn’t want her down there.  So we needed to find a solution.

OPsclbAfter poking around a bit, I discovered the Omega Paw Roll and Clean self-cleaning litter box.  Amazon calls it the Omega Paw Self-Cleaning Litter Box, but it’s kind of misleading… it doesn’t clean itself automatically like the electric cleaners.  The design is pretty simple, though.  Cat enters on the one side and uses it like any other covered litter box.  To clean the waste, you literally roll the litter box gently clockwise until it’s upside-down, then gently roll back to the original position.  The unused litter sifts through a grate, while the waste falls into the tray, which can be removed and dumped into a trash bin.  When I saw that it got very high marks and over 2500 reviews, I figured that many people couldn’t be wrong.

I got the larger version, since that’s what most people recommended for multiple or large cats.  I think we COULD have gotten away with the regular size, but I don’t regret getting the larger one.  I also got a clumping litter that a reviewer had recommended and I back up their positive review of it – Dr. Elsey’s Ultra Precious Cat Litter for multiple cats works very well.

I set up the box, which was a bit of a chore initally.  If you can see, there is one clip in the front (right next to the opening), two on the left side, and one in the back.  They are molded plastic clips, and you have to slide them until you feel them lock into place.  Once that was done, we let the cats know it was available and waited to see how it would work out.

Surprisingly, the box lives up to the reviews.  It is very easy to roll the box over and the tray indeed catches all the waste and makes it easy to dispose of.  I roll it once or twice daily (I try to keep it as clean as possible because the dog will stick his head in there looking for goodies – yuck!).  Because it’s so easy to clean, there is no cat box smell, although I admit we take the kitchen trash out a little quicker than we used to.

boltwingBut I do take issue with the clips.  The negative parts of reviews I read all seem to center around the same weak point – those plastic clips.  They are difficult to lock into place, and I quickly found that the clip in the front just refused to stay locked.  Whenever I rolled the litter box, there was enough pressure to pop the clip out of the locking position and cause the top and bottom to separate a little.  Because the clean litter was trapped in the grated section, it didn’t mean it was a disaster, but some loose particles did end up on the floor.  I contacted the manufacturer about the issue, and they offered to send me a couple of replacement clips.  I appreciate it, but I strongly recommended that they look into replacing those clips with the wingnuts and bolts commonly found on animal carriers.  It got so irritating that you can see I replaced it with a 5/16 wingnut and bolt.  The bolt is 3/4″ long, I probably could have used a 1/2″ long bolt.  This appears to have solved the problem I had with the plastic clip, so I really hope the manufacturer considers this for future models.

Overall I give this litter box a 4.7 rating out of 5, most of what was taken off was the issue with the one front clip.  The other thing to remember is that when you roll the box back to the original position, you might want to tilt it further to the left to get more of the clean litter out of the grate.  Aside from that, this box is great, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone with multiple cats!

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