Review: The January 2013 DailyHiit 30 Day Challenge

Day 7: hiitreps Taken 2 The Limit

Four exercises, reps not timed, including Push Up & Punch (5 each side), Shoulder Lift & Burpee Push Up (10x), Drop It Like It’s Hot (10x),  and Tuck Jump & Squat Jump (10x).  Repeat series 3 times.

Equipment used: hand weights, sandbag, Ugi Ball

Opinion: I did the first exercise without weights and doing a box push up and felt very comfortable doing it, was able to the reps without stopping.  For the second exercise I pretended to have a weight and completed the motions, did a box push up and needed to pause a few times before completing all the reps.  For the third, I again pretended to have a weight and went through the motions, also needed to stop a couple of times before completing all the reps.  For the last exercise I removed the tuck jump, I just can’t do that yet, so I did more of a modified jumping jack and squat, stopping twice for a rest before completing the reps.  Though my ibuprofen was working well to combat yesterday’s leftover soreness, I did not do I third round to try and avoid further injury.  It was a good all-around group of exercises, I sweat like hell, and feel like I got a solid workout.

Number of times I cursed in German: 2 – would have been more but I was too busy making sure I was doing the middle exercises properly and not missing too much of the steps.

What I noticed after 7 days: When getting into the shower, I looked at myself sideways in the mirror and noticed an indentation on my stomach that hadn’t been as obvious before.  For a brief moment I could see where my stomach should be.  AWESOME.

How I felt the next day: Sore, and still need to boost myself with ibuprofen.  Determined to do complete cycle of the next video.

Day 8: hiitmax Painfully Delicious

Eighteen(!) exercises, 50/10, including Run or Skip – High Knees, Pull Ups, Run or Skip – Criss Cross, Row + Press Leg Lift + Cross, Run or Skip – Standard Jump, Frog Abs, Run or Skip – Low Squat in & out Legs, Exploding Star, Run or Skip – Side to Side, Woodchop Twist (Left), Run or Skip – Twist Abs, Woodchop Twist (Right), Run or Skip – Side Outs, Elevated Push Up + Knee (L&R), Run or Skip – One Leg (Left), Sandbag Kick + Lunge (Left), Run or Skip – One Leg (Right), Sandbag Kick + Lunge (Right).

Equipment used: jump rope, hand weights (the crazy expensive ones), Ugi Ball, Equalizers, sandbag

Opinion: This was a really hardcore routine to get through, I was almost thankful the wireless router in our house started acting up and made me take a break halfway through.  Many of them required modification…  I do not have room to use a jumprope where I exercise, so I did the best I could pretending I was using one anyway, and anything to do with push ups I again did the box version.  I liked the woodchop exercises a lot (again, no equipment, just did the motion).  The exploding star made me want to kill someone.  The last four exercises were the hardest on my knees and ankles, and I am sure I will be taking more ibuprofen tomorrow.

Number of times I cursed in German: 8

How I felt the next day: Surprisingly I did not need to take ibuprofen.  Slightly sore, but felt better than I have in a few days.

Day 9: hiitcore Killer Six Pack Abs

Five exercises, 50/10, including Step Out (L+R) + Half Burpee, Jump In & Out + Ski Abs, Chuck + Tuck, Overhead Abs, and Arms Up and Down + Push Up

Equipment used: Ugi Ball, sandbag

Opinion: The first exercise was difficult only because for some reason my right big toe felt like I had pulled something almost immediately, so I had to go very carefully with it.  The second was very difficult for me, I skipped several ski abs to feel like I was doing something.  The Chuck + Tuck felt good, although again without gear I just mimicked the motion, and the same with the Overhead Abs.  The last exercise was a killer for me, shifting into the child’s pose was harder than I thought it would be.  Overall a very good ab workout that worked some extra muscles too.  I went for two rounds to see if I could get better form the second time around.

Number of times I cursed in German: 0 🙂

How I felt the next day:  Left shoulder is bothering me, probably because I went into and pulled out of the child’s pose with the left side first.  Stepped on the scale to see what was happening there and was disappointed to see virtually no change.  This could be due to water weight (it’s my time of the month right now) or that I am gaining muscle mass which weighs more than fat (which is often used as a consolation for those seeing no change on the scale).  I know I am feeling muscles tightening, but clothes aren’t fitting much differently either.  I guess I will just be on a longer road to fitness.

Day 10: hiitwknd Locked Out of Heaven

Three exercises, as many as possible in 4 minutes, including 8 High Knees, 8 Quick Knees, and 8 Mountain Climbs.

Equipment used: Equalizers

Opinion: Relatively easy exercise routine.  I often lost count, so I just did until muscles started to burn, then switched to the next.  Used a chair to do Mountain Climbs.  Rested twice when my legs got really sore.  Will be heading back into the other room to do some treadmill work.

Number of times I cursed in German: 0

How I felt the next day: Felt no soreness whatsoever


Opinion: Good day for a rest but since I have the time available I plan to do some more treadmill work anyway.

How I felt the next day:  A little disappointed, I got so busy I did not get my treadmill work in like I planned.  I am about to head in for Day 12, though…

Day 12: hiitbody Ho Hey

Eight exercises, 50/10, two rounds – Sandbag Swing, Elevated One Leg Push Ups (L+R), Sandbag Swing, Side Plank Lift (Left), Sandbag Swing, Side Plank Lift (Right), Sandbag Swing, and Get Ups

Equipment used: sandbag, Equalizers

Opinion:  I LOVED this workout.  Sandbag swings I used an empty plastic case with a handle in place of the sandbag (however, I think I am ready for the weight as these were fairly easy, so I’m making a purchase today) and it felt good.  I wanted to push harder with those but I was limited on the gear.  The push ups I needed to modify to box push ups, the ones in this exercise are just way too advanced for me.  The side planks were fairly brutal, and I even modified by going down on my elbow and knee – still very difficult but not so harsh as to make me cry.  I did not do a full stand/jump for the get ups, but I did complete sit ups and was really pleased to go the entire 50 seconds without needing a break.  Again, that’s where having the sandbag would help with a little more resistance that I appear ready for.

Number of times I cursed in German: 6, and it felt AWESOME.

How I felt the next day: Lower back is a bit stiff and sore, but looking forward to doing this round of exercises again at some point.  Did order a sandbag, should be delivered tomorrow (yay Amazon Prime trial period!) and excited to try it out.  Hoping Saturday’s exercise is light enough that I can give it a try then.  🙂

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  1. Update: After giving it some thought, I made an appointment with my physician to talk to them about not seeing any change physically or on the scale after 30 days of HIITing. The nurse did seem quite surprised when I described what I was doing and that I was doing it 6 days a week, and the doctor suggested running some bloodwork to check my thyroid although he didn’t suspect a problem with it from the palpation he did. One good thing is that my blood pressure had previously been calculated at 120, and yesterday it was 104. I have to wait a couple of days for the results of the tests to see what the next step is, and for now I need to get myself back on track. Since I did the Fit Test yesterday, I am starting with Day 2 again today. Wish me luck.

    • Hiya,

      Did you end up seeing anything in the bloodwork that was abnormal? I’m seriously considering trying the 30 day challenge (may actually make it a 60-day due to fitness level) but I’m personally concerned that the change I want from hiit I may not get after reading this. Did you complete a second round?

      • Hi Lauren,

        No there was nothing abnormal with the bloodwork. After consulting a few different people (doctor, physical fitness instructor, friends who are physically active), we theorized that only HIIT workouts may not be ideal for me. I did find better overall results when I was consistently running on the treadmill, so I think doing more cardio and offsetting it with some HIIT work would be more advantageous.

        Unfortunately I fell off the wagon, and am working my way back to my previous activity level. Happy to report in when I mix the both for a while.

        Good luck to you!

  2. Hi there,
    So I may have an answer to your jump rope problem. I had the same problem. Low ceilings. I purchased a piece of equipment from Power Systems called an Airope. I was skeptical and didn’t want to pay 37.00 and shipping for something I wasn’t sure about. Power Systems had a deal at CHristmas & gave one away as a free gift w/ purchase. Score! I am a personal trainer as well and use it with all of my clients either due to indoor conditions, or lack of coordination. Keeps you from getting tangled up. 🙂 Hope this helps.

    P.S. I don’t work for the company either 😉

  3. where do you find the adjustments to the workouts, like for not having the equipment or beginner?

    • Sometimes the host gives an alternative to the exercise they are doing, but more often than not I would simply do a different exercise that was related to the work they were doing. For instance, the burpees were extremely hard for me (and still are pretty difficult), so instance of trying to get ONE or TWO done in the 50 seconds, I would do box or knee pushups. I remember she did one exercise where she made a V with her body, but it was at a side angle – that was ridiculously hard for me – so I just did curls for that. There were several exercises that I just could not do without having gear, like knee tucks using the Equalizers – I just don’t have the space and furniture to approximate the equalizers, so I did high knees in place of them. (Although tucks WITH the Equalizers are very hard on my wrists, so even though I have the Equalizers now I still don’t like to do them). HTH!

  4. thanks that really helped im gonna do day 6 in a bit and seeing the modification you did is really helping me adjust what i need to, ive been sore every morning, but other people and myself have strated to notice a bit of the difference 🙂

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    This article has really peaked my interest.

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