Review: The January 2013 DailyHiit 30 Day Challenge


Yesterday I also went on a walk with my neighbor, and we live in a very hilly area.  The last hill has always been a challenge for me, I recall huffing and puffing many times, wanting to whine about how tough it was, having to stop once or twice to catch my breath.  This time I made it up without any trouble and by the end of the walk I had barely broken a sweat.  Obviously this stuff is working!  I plan on at least doing a little treadmill work, maybe some yoga to try and stretch out a bit.

Update:  My Equalizers arrived today!  My daughter insisted on working out, and the little slavedriver had me sweating more that I normally do!  Even insisted on getting on the treadmill for a quarter mile.  I am TIRED!

Day 26: hiitplus Fat Burning Zone and hiitlean Strong and Sexy

The hiitplus exercise is 4 minutes of Squat Front Raises, the hiitlean routine is a 50/10, three rounds – Jump Press Low Squat, Goblet Squat + Press, Upright Row (L+R), and Keg Press X3 + Press Switch

Equipment used: sandbag

Opinion: I got to use my new Equalizers today for the hiitplus exercise.  I can’t squat as deeply as they can but it felt like a pretty good warmup.  I got through all three rounds of the hiitlean routine, only taking out the jumping from the first exercise.  My knees were not happy with me by the end, but I clearly worked my quads and gluts.  Not a bad couple of videos, it felt like I worked out but I didn’t feel overtaxed.

Number of times I cursed in German: 0

How I felt the next day:  Later the same day I was struggling with the soreness, so much so that I took some ibuprofen!  This morning I was really stiff and sore, and I think it might be time to book a massage.  My muscles need some help!  However, I was excited that in getting on the scale this morning, I actually went down.  This entire time I had been fluctuating a pound or two, but I actually saw a significant difference.  Hoping this means my body is starting the chew up the fat now 🙂

Day 27: hiitplus Sexy Legs & Thighs and hiitcombat Sexy Combat

The hiitplus exercise were 4 minutes of Pike Side Jumps, and hiitcombat was 50/10, three rounds – [10 Punches, 4x Criss Cross, Burpee, Jump], Leg Lift + Cross Punch, [Kick Over, Lunge, Punch & Body Hook (right)], [Kick Over, Lunge, Punch & Body Hook (left)]

Equipment used: Equalizers

Opinion: The Pike Side Jumps look SO EASY, but they are deceptive.  I had to take at least 4 or 5 breaks while doing the four minutes, they were pretty tough!  The hiitcombat was different and I did have to modify some.  Though I have the Equalizers now, I did not use them for the first group of exercises.  Instead I did the punches, criss crosses and burpee in place.  The Leg Lift + Cross Punch was tough for me, and I often rested my feet on the floor.  The last two groups of movements were way too hard for me to follow in a way that didn’t make me feel like a floundering seal.  For those I did two rounds of kick overs + 8 punches and that made me feel like I was doing something.  Very good workout, I sweat like a pig, and it felt awesome.

Number of times I cursed in German: 3 for the hiitplus, 5 for the hiitcombat

How I felt the next day:  I felt a lot less stiff, and I think that’s because I am making a more focused effort to stretch deeply before and after the workouts, and this morning while watching TV I did lots of stretches right on the sofa.

Day 28: hiitbody Lust On Me

Three exercises, 50/10, five rounds – High Knees (with Jump Rope), Sandbag Squat, Knee Raises (on Dip Station)

Equipment used: jump rope, sandbag, Equalizers

Opinion: This made me sweat like hell!  Five rounds instead of the usual three…  I did the High Knees without a jump rope, the Sandbag Squat felt great, and I did 2 rounds of the knee raises on the Equalizers, but my wrists really hurt so I switched to Ab Curls for the last three rounds.  All in all, a great workout.

Number of times I cursed in German: 4

How I felt the next day: Stiff and my left elbow was giving me some issues.  I don’t think I can do those knee tucks effectively when there is so much pressure on my wrists and elbows, but I’ll keep at it.

Day 29: hiitlite Slim and Sexy

Ten exercises, 30/10, three rounds – March on the Spot, Jump from Side to Side, Alternate Lunges, Jog on the Spot, Star Jumps, Squat and Kick, Star Jumps, Jump from Side to Side, Alternate Lunges, Jog on the Spot

Equipment used: none

Opinion: Billed as a “light” routine, this ended up being one of that hardest for me to do and I honestly had to push myself to do all three rounds.  Not because the exercises were terribly painful or difficult (they are actually a very good sampling of exercises), but because even though I was exercising alone, I became horribly self-conscious to the point of bringing tears to my eyes.  I’m nowhere near the shape the host is in, and the star jumps (aka jumping jacks) caused me to be hyper-aware and embarrassed of my chest size and belly fat.  I do not have well fitting/effective sports bras, so any exercise that requires jumping means I end up flopping like a fish, and the star jumps also caused my belly fat to join in all the bobbling and wobbling.  By the third round I just couldn’t bring myself to do more than half the time simply out of feeling miserable about my flabby shape.  There is no doubt that my deeper muscles have been building up nicely these last 29 days, but I still have a long way to go and a lot of excess weight to lose before the outer fat stores really start to go away.  My hope is that when I take the “after” pictures tomorrow, I will be able to see a noticable change in my body (however slight) if for no other reason than to encourage me to restart the challenge.

Number of times I cursed in German: 5

How I felt the next day: Wow I was sore, and very close to taking an ibuprofen, but I pushed through.

Day 30:  hiitbody FIT TEST

FINALLY!  I have officially completed my first 30 Day Challenge!  I’ve re-taken the Fit Test.  Here’s my results, the first number was from Day 1, the second from today:

  • Squat Jumps – 26, 32
  • Push Ups – 18 (box), 22 (knees)
  • Burpees – 5, 7
  • High Knees – 44, 62
  • Back Lunges – 22 (step version), 27 (1/2 regular, 1/2 step)
  • Tuck Lunges – 13, 20
  • Tricep Dip – 16, 19
  • Surfboards – 12, 21
  • Half Burpees & Monkey – 5, 8
  • Switch Jumps – 18, 29
  • Side Lunge – 24, 30
  • Frog Jumps – 10, 11

Opinion: Obviously I was able to do more in every exercise, although I see some areas where I am weaker.  Anything involving burpees or jumps didn’t see a huge improvement, but overall, a good month!

Number of times I cursed in German:  4, I forgot how tough some of these were!


I am definitely feeling underlying muscles tighten up, I have more stamina and endurance, but to be honest I feel rather let down.  I have “before” and “after” pictures, but there is no point in posting them because I see no difference.  My weight did not change much, as of this morning I had bounced back up a little again.  It’s rather discouraging, and I wish I knew what I was doing so wrong.  I am actually eating a lot less, portion wise, and though I am not on totally clean foods, I have incorporated a lot more healthy foods – fruits and leafy greens.  Perhaps I am just so much heavier than I saw myself that I need more time before I will see a change, or I need to commit to more videos per day, I just don’t know.

I am going to start again with Day 2 tomorrow, and I’ll revisit in another month.  Good luck to everyone who decides to take up the challenge!

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  1. Update: After giving it some thought, I made an appointment with my physician to talk to them about not seeing any change physically or on the scale after 30 days of HIITing. The nurse did seem quite surprised when I described what I was doing and that I was doing it 6 days a week, and the doctor suggested running some bloodwork to check my thyroid although he didn’t suspect a problem with it from the palpation he did. One good thing is that my blood pressure had previously been calculated at 120, and yesterday it was 104. I have to wait a couple of days for the results of the tests to see what the next step is, and for now I need to get myself back on track. Since I did the Fit Test yesterday, I am starting with Day 2 again today. Wish me luck.

    • Hiya,

      Did you end up seeing anything in the bloodwork that was abnormal? I’m seriously considering trying the 30 day challenge (may actually make it a 60-day due to fitness level) but I’m personally concerned that the change I want from hiit I may not get after reading this. Did you complete a second round?

      • Hi Lauren,

        No there was nothing abnormal with the bloodwork. After consulting a few different people (doctor, physical fitness instructor, friends who are physically active), we theorized that only HIIT workouts may not be ideal for me. I did find better overall results when I was consistently running on the treadmill, so I think doing more cardio and offsetting it with some HIIT work would be more advantageous.

        Unfortunately I fell off the wagon, and am working my way back to my previous activity level. Happy to report in when I mix the both for a while.

        Good luck to you!

  2. Hi there,
    So I may have an answer to your jump rope problem. I had the same problem. Low ceilings. I purchased a piece of equipment from Power Systems called an Airope. I was skeptical and didn’t want to pay 37.00 and shipping for something I wasn’t sure about. Power Systems had a deal at CHristmas & gave one away as a free gift w/ purchase. Score! I am a personal trainer as well and use it with all of my clients either due to indoor conditions, or lack of coordination. Keeps you from getting tangled up. 🙂 Hope this helps.

    P.S. I don’t work for the company either 😉

  3. where do you find the adjustments to the workouts, like for not having the equipment or beginner?

    • Sometimes the host gives an alternative to the exercise they are doing, but more often than not I would simply do a different exercise that was related to the work they were doing. For instance, the burpees were extremely hard for me (and still are pretty difficult), so instance of trying to get ONE or TWO done in the 50 seconds, I would do box or knee pushups. I remember she did one exercise where she made a V with her body, but it was at a side angle – that was ridiculously hard for me – so I just did curls for that. There were several exercises that I just could not do without having gear, like knee tucks using the Equalizers – I just don’t have the space and furniture to approximate the equalizers, so I did high knees in place of them. (Although tucks WITH the Equalizers are very hard on my wrists, so even though I have the Equalizers now I still don’t like to do them). HTH!

  4. thanks that really helped im gonna do day 6 in a bit and seeing the modification you did is really helping me adjust what i need to, ive been sore every morning, but other people and myself have strated to notice a bit of the difference 🙂

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    This article has really peaked my interest.

    I’m going to bookmark your blog and keep checking for new details about once per week. I opted in for your RSS feed as well.

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