Totally Random Day

When I left my house yesterday to go to an appointment, I had no idea that the hour and a half would present itself with two very fun things.

The first occurred on my way to the appointment.  As a traveled down the highway, I looked over and saw a shark.

shark1  shark2

I don’t often see that kind of thing while driving down the highway, but for the rest of my drive I had the JAWS theme in my head and kept flashing back to the “I’m a SHAAARK!” meme.

The second fun thing was that while I was in the waiting room, I struck up a conversation with a woman named Isabella.  Isabella was an absolute character, one of those people that you would love to talk to all day long because within 15 minutes we’d become best friends.  Here’s what I learned about Ms. Isabella:

  • She’d lost her husband about 8 years ago
  • Her husband was in construction, and had worked on the Twin Towers as well as many other famous buildings all over the US
  • She had worked as a seamstress for several TV series, specifically Dallas
  • Most of the stars were very nice people and she was always happy to help them… Except Victoria Principal, who was a total snoot, so whenever Ms. Principal asked her for alterations, Ms. Isabella put her at the back of the line
  • She speaks at least three languages and is of Italian decent
  • When she asked what my background was, I mentioned my father being born in France, and my grandmother being from Belgium.  She then asked me if I spoke French, I fumbled through my best “Je ne parle Francais” which made us giggle, and made me want to pick up lessons again
  • She’s traveled all over the world and when I asked her what her favorite city was, she mentioned several, including Brussels, but seemed to be very infatuated with Paris
  • She does not visit spas very often, but we completely agree that DePasquale’s is the best around here

I love these kinds of encounters, it just totally made my day 🙂

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  1. I like talking to random people. It keeps you from being bored, and you just might make a friend!

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