Silicone Sponges – YAY or NAY??

siliconespongesTHave you seen the movie Inside Out?  The character Disgust is usually wearing the face I make when I see a gross, old dish sponge.

NASTY.  Excuse me while I nope out of here!!!

I’m not huge germaphobe, but this is one thing that I just can’t stand.  I go through sponges so fast that I am spending a lot of money on them (yeah only about $2-3 for a 3 pack, but when I go through them so fast it adds up).  So when I started seeing ads for silicone sponges, I thought it might just help me with my problem.

I ordered these three pictured here on Amazon for about $12.50 and immediately trashed the sponge I had…


If you decide to try out these kinds of sponges for yourself, I recommend this pack of silicone sponges instead of what I purchased.  You get SIX of them for only $12.99, a much better deal!

Ok, so here is my list of Pros:

  • Can be used for more than just cleaning dishes (I’ll list some ideas below)!
  • Durable – have been using for over a month and zero damage, despite using it along sharp edges
  • Can be put in the dishwasher to clean/sterilize
  • Holds suds really well – some people did not find this to be true but for me it was no different than a regular sponge.  Perhaps it’s the brand of dish soap, but Palmolive and Seventh Generation has worked just fine
  • The ones you’re not using yet can be squished together to save space – remember the old Bristle Blocks?  Can’t save that space with regular sponges.

The different ways you can use these – I love multi-use items!

  1. Dish scrubber (obviously)!
  2. Pot holder – because it’s silicone, it can handle the heat!
  3. Open those tight lids – these have great grip on those jars that are sealed tight!
  4. Body loofah – NO KIDDING, people use these in place of their loofahs because they can be tossed in the dishwasher to get cleaned, no more buying and throwing out those wasteful loofahs, more money saved!
  5. Clean foods with them – because they are easily sterilized in the dishwasher (or a pot of boiling water if you want it faster), use them to wash fruits and veggies from the store of any pesticides or dirt!

Now for the Con:

Admittedly, I found it is not 100% in replacing the classic sponge.  Due to it’s nature, it cleans countertops well, but won’t soak up the water, just pushes it around.  Here is where I would grab a paper towel or a kitchen towel and finish the job.  HOWEVER, I was already doing that because I don’t want to use a nasty old sponge to “clean” a countertop!

TL;DR version:

Totally worth it.  Buy them today!  They could make awesome inexpensive gifts for the holidays 🙂

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  1. I NEED these. Desperately, lol.

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