Stranger Things Season 2 Recap – NO SPOILERS

So yeah, we gorged ourselves on the second season of Stranger Things last night and wrapped up around 1:40am.  I’m not proud of this.  I’m old now and need more coffee, but I figure it’s time to do a short recap avoiding spoilers.

  1. I never thought I would think a Demogorgon was “cute” – it’s true, despite it being what it was, I couldn’t help myself.


    Hello, you adorable evil thing!

  2. There was an “IF SO-AND-SO DIES, WE RIOT” moment – because of course we have to have one.


    Daryl wasn’t in this one, so he was safe.

  3. Eleven is SUCH a 14 year old! It’s no secret she’s already developmentally stunted due to her captivity, pile on the hormones and the face she makes in all the promotional material is pretty much her…


    Reminds me of my own “I will cut a bitch” face when I was a teen.

There’s quite a lot more, but I fear anything else would indeed be too much of a spoiler, so I’ll leave it for now so everyone can get in on the fun of the new season.  Overall, a solid second season with enough loose ends to pick at a third season easily!  Remember, if you decide to throw a viewing party, I posted up quick, cheap and easy ideas to get your party going!

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