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Aishwarya Rai is a fat elephant!

No, of course she isn’t.

She is, arguably, one of the most stunningly beautiful women in the world (in the classic sense of the word).  Her creamy, evenly-toned skin, her flowing hair, her entrancing eyes…  she’s drop dead gorgeous.  I mean, look at this woman!

Seriously. This woman exists.

And then she had the audacity, the BRASS ONES, to go and have a baby. But not JUST have a baby, have a baby and NOT LOSE THE BABY WEIGHT WITHIN FIVE MINUTES OF GIVING BIRTH. Because that is obviously imperative nowadays. If you don’t, you’re a fat elephant, like someone on youtube decided. I won’t link to the stupid video, but you can find it yourself easily enough. The comments, of course, are priceless. One person says “The woman is in the PUBLIC eye! Her baby is 7 months old and she looks like she gave birth yesterday! Not to mention she has a double chin! Sorry, many of us have had kids and WORKED hard to lose it. Motherhood doesn’t give you license to be overweight.” That right there is an awesome person.

Rai’s response? She’s “enjoying motherhood”. Hells yeah.

Want to see what she looks like “fat”?

Yep, this is her, “fat”.

I hope she takes all the time in the world to get to whatever weight she feels comfortable with. And anyone who says otherwise obviously has nothing better in their lives to do.

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