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You’ll Never Guess What The Matrix Rain Code Is!

No, I CAN’T believe that The Matrix is nearly 20 years old.

giphy (5)

Neither can Sam.

No I DON’T care that Keanu Reeves is so stereotypical…KEANU in it.

giphy (7)

Yep, a lot of this.

No I WON’T acknowledge that there are two more Matrix films.  Only one exists.  The others are figments of all your imaginations.

giphy (8)

Doctor Who also denies. Trust him, he’s a Time Lord.

And I’ve seen almost all the “making of”s, watching many interviews with the Wachowskis and the actors, but one thing I did NOT know was what the rain code meant.  I assumed it was a stylistic designs that really didn’t mean much at all.



According to Simon Whiteley, a Production and Concept designer who created the code for the movie, it’s actually sushi recipes from his wife’s Japanese cookbook.  That’s right, the Matrix code is sushi!

giphy (9)

I do not see a problem with this fact.

Is it lunchtime yet? I know what I’m having!!!

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