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Aishwarya Rai is a fat elephant!

No, of course she isn’t.

She is, arguably, one of the most stunningly beautiful women in the world (in the classic sense of the word).  Her creamy, evenly-toned skin, her flowing hair, her entrancing eyes…  she’s drop dead gorgeous.  I mean, look at this woman!

Seriously. This woman exists.

And then she had the audacity, the BRASS ONES, to go and have a baby. But not JUST have a baby, have a baby and NOT LOSE THE BABY WEIGHT WITHIN FIVE MINUTES OF GIVING BIRTH. Because that is obviously imperative nowadays. If you don’t, you’re a fat elephant, like someone on youtube decided. I won’t link to the stupid video, but you can find it yourself easily enough. The comments, of course, are priceless. One person says “The woman is in the PUBLIC eye! Her baby is 7 months old and she looks like she gave birth yesterday! Not to mention she has a double chin! Sorry, many of us have had kids and WORKED hard to lose it. Motherhood doesn’t give you license to be overweight.” That right there is an awesome person.

Rai’s response? She’s “enjoying motherhood”. Hells yeah.

Want to see what she looks like “fat”?

Yep, this is her, “fat”.

I hope she takes all the time in the world to get to whatever weight she feels comfortable with. And anyone who says otherwise obviously has nothing better in their lives to do.

Bully, the official trailer

As a mother, it’s very difficult for me to sit back and not become a helicopter parent when I hear that my child was picked at or made fun of by another child in school.  I do not want to become overly sensitive, particularly when I know my daughter is very strong and has been able to deal with these situations well on her own.  She is very lucky in that her circle of friends seem to only occasionally “hurt each other’s feelings” and her school is very proactive in quelling more serious behavior.

I am posting this in honor of the children who endure torturous bullying on a daily basis, and those who receive no support from authority figures who should know better, and especially for those who could no longer take the agony.  There is a push to try and get the R rating for this movie reduced to PG-13 to make it more accessible to the very children who should be required to watch this – I hope you will join me in the effort to spread the word. Here is a link to the HRC’s e-letters asking the MPAA to reconsider it’s rating.  I hope the link works.

Mom Defends Her “Slut” Daughter…

…and I’ve got NO problem with her.  In fact, I wish I could help, so here’s my contribution – getting the story out there.  When a friend posted this on Facebook, I was absolutely disgusted.

Here’s the short version – daughter takes birth control pills.  The reason is actually irrelevant, but if you’re curious it’s because she has severe medical and emotional issues during her cycle that the pills help regulate.  This would be completely her own business, except that during a recent school trip she was required to have a specified person dispense medication to kids on prescriptions.  That person happened to be a parent who is also a doctor.

Shortly after the trip, she began getting harassed by a few Queen Bees, being told in a note left in her locker:

Little miss innocent, huh? Whatever slut- you take birth control pills so you can f*&# every guy in school! What a joke- u are nothin but a whore! Pretty bad when some guy on the radio who isn’t afraid to tell the truth has to break it down for everybody- if u on the Pill u are nothing but a skank ass ho! My mom said girls on the pill are tramps who just wanna get laid and don’t care about nothin- is that how u are?

I don’t even know the people personally in this situation but it’s taking some effort not to go all investigative blogger on EVERYONE.  The school, the parent-doctor, the Queen Bees.  This is horrifying, and while I didn’t feel the need to make mention of that moron on the radio because I don’t want to give him any of my time, I would like to personally thank him for helping to perpetuate this situation, and being a by-proxy bully to this child.

Here’s the link to the whole story:

I’ve spent the past 2 days trying to convince my 16 y/o she is not a.

UPDATE, 4:45pm:  Beantown Mom updated regarding her meeting with an attorney and school officials.  For those interested, here’s a direct link.

I wish I could fly…

I absolutely love this woman’s website!  Her photographs always make me feel peaceful, like I would imagine it would feel like floating in zero gravity.

You, yes YOU should read this…

In the middle of November of 2011, this guy named Dan posted to his website a lengthy message.  I came to that party bout a week after it was published because I had never read Dan’s site before, but a friend had linked it on Facebook and the title intrigued me so much that I had to click through.

I ended up reposting the link on my Facebook page at least twice and privately messaging the link to several other people.  It’s amazing.  And what’s more amazing is the feedback he’s received and the follow up posts he’s written based on the original.  So do yourself a favor and read “I’m Christian, Unless You’re Gay” and tell me what YOU thought of it.

Here’s Dan’s FIRST FOLLOW UP, which include response letters from readers…

Here’s Dan’s SECOND FOLLOW UP, with more letters from readers…

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