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Movie Review: Warm Bodies

I usually go for blockbusters if I am going to see something in the theater.  Let’s face it, going to the movies is expensive.  I usually go for the sure thing, something I am certain will entertain me.

But then I saw the trailer for Warm Bodies and I just couldn’t help myself.  My daughter and I went to see it opening weekend, and we both LOVED IT.

Warm Bodies is Romeo & Juliet of the zombie world.  So much so, that characters were created and named based off of Shakespeare’s play.

R (“Romeo”, Nicholas Hoult) is a very slacker zombie who can barely form a single word, but has an extensive internal dialogue.  He’s extremely self-aware, feels guilt and sadness, and clings to what he imagines his “alive” life was probably like.  He has an affection for music on vinyl, collects memorabilia, and tries desperately to be smooth in front of girls.  He even has a friend, M (“Mercutio”, Rob Corddry) he often exchanges moans and grunts with.  When he meets Julie (“Juliet”, Teresa Palmer), there is an obvious shift in his world.  Rather than wanting to eat her brain, he has the unusual urge to save and protect her.  Julie is terrified and confused by this turn of events, but by the time she is able to return to the area where unaffected humans are (and her friend Nora, “Juliet’s ‘Nurse’, Analeigh Tipton), she finds she has grown fond of R.

WBshotThe rules in this zombie apocalypse universe are slightly different than previous versions, but are still close enough to take the leap and be entertained.  This is not a heavy, dark movie, despite the theme, but rather a comedic story of hopeful redemption and love.  I found a few weak points in the film, and sadly John Malkovich was one of them.  His part was cliche and rather dull for an actor of his caliber.  But overall the movie was entertaining and worthy of at least a couple of more viewings.

Anyone else get a chance to see it yet?

Quick Check In

I’m far behind in my upkeep with the blog, so many things I want to do but I am finding less and less time to do it in.  When I write these posts, I do try to put in a lot of effort to make them entertaining AND informative (rather than just entertaining because I can’t form a coherent sentence), and will sometimes spend HOURS putting a post together.  I’m not finding those blocks readily available, and starting one and going back to it really breaks up my trains of thought.

I have a review of the Eau Good Water Bottle from Black + Blum (spoiler alert:  I freakin’ love this thing and am using it right now), movie reviews of Warm Bodies and Video Game High School, a review of the BodyRock/DailyHiit 30 day challenge (although I will need to complete it to give the best review of it, link goes to a fan’s site where they put everything in order better than on

Oh dear, it’s already nearly noon, which means I am already behind schedule for the day.  Keep an eye out for the reviews, I will get them up as soon as I can!

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